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Brien's Jamaican Radio Guide

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Freq. Radio station Listen
Station Format
FM 88.* Mello FM Email link      Listen live using mp3 Player Easy Listening Hits & Talk
FM 88.5 TBC Radio    Listen live using AAC+ Player Christian
FM 88.7 Jet 88.7 FM   No Live Stream Available  
FM 88.9 Free FM    
FM 89.1-3-5-9 KLAS Sports Radio    Listen live using mp3 Player Sports
FM 90.3-5-7 Nationwide Radio Email link     News, Current Affairs, Sport and Entertainment
FM 91.1 Northern Caribbean U Radio        Listen live using mp3 Player College
FM 91.7-9 Gospel JA      Listen live using mp3 Player Gospel
FM 92.1 Hitz 92FM    Live Audio Popup Reggae & Sports
FM 93.1 NewsTALK 93FM        Listen live using mp3 Player News & Talk
FM 94.1 RJR 94FM    Live Audio Popup  
FM 95.7 Fame FM        Listen live using mp3 Player  
FM 96.1 Stylz 96.1FM Portland    Listen live using AAC+ Player Reggae/World
FM 96.5-7-9 Linkz FM        Listen live using mp3 Player Young, Fresh and Hype
FM 97.1**9 Kool 97 FM Email link  Live Audio Popup AC
FM 98.3-5-7 Mega Jamz Email link   Old Skool music
FM 99.1---9 Music 99 FM   Listen live using mp3 Player Mellow Music
FM 100.1 Bess FM [Video]    Live Audio Popup  
FM 101.* Love 101 FM Email link     Christian
FM 101.9 HOT 102 FM Email link  Listen live using mp3 Player Reggae, Dancehall, Soca
FM 103.1**9 ZIP 103FM        Live Audio Popup  
FM 104.* BBC Relay     BBC World Service
FM 104.9 Suncity 104.9 FM        Listen live using mp3 Player  
FM 104.9 Suncity 104.9 FM Video    
FM 105.9 FYAH105    Listen live using mp3 Player  Listen live using AAC+ Player  
FM 106.1 Power 106        Listen live using Quicktime Player Talk
FM 107.1 Irie FM   You must login to listen Reggae
TV CVM TV   Live Video Television
TV Television Jamaica (TVJ)   Live Video Television
WEB 876 Radio Email link No Live Stream Available Reggae
WEB Gospel Ja       Gospel
WEB Linkz Radio Email link      Listen live using mp3 Player Reggae and Talk
WEB Pond Ends Radio        Listen live using Quicktime Player  
WEB Talk Jamaica Radio Email link     Talk & Music
WEB Yard Core Vibes Radio        Listen live using Quicktime Player R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance, Soca, Soul
Newspaper Jamaica Gleaner     Newspaper
Newspaper Jamaica Observer     Newspaper

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This site contains links that are freely available on the internet, some I found and some were provided by listeners like you, who like me wanted to help other Caribbean Nationals (mostly who are now living elsewhere) to keep abreast of things back home.
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To receive these stations you must have the following:
1. A computer with a sound card and speakers (or headphones).
2. The free software players to process the streams so that you can hear the stations.

For best results when listening to a live Internet radio station, I recommend that you do something other than surf the web while you are listening. If you are doing a lot of web surfing while listening to a station the audio may break up.